The EAGLEVIEW is a powerful and intelligent remote built for the demanding refueling industry. it’s designed to allow the operator to remotely monitor and operate equipment near the point of use without “back and forth”.

  • The EAGLEVIEW WRC allow the operator to monitor and operate the equipments on a refueler like the meter head, the hose reel, the pto, the flow rpm, the emergency stop, etc.
  • The EAGLEVIEW WRC can display critical information like the status, the volume (qty), the total in $ of the delivery or the price per gallon (or liters).
  • The EAGLEVIEW WRC is mounted on the operator’s wrist. It has been designed to free operator’s hands!

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Your Benefits

  • Increases efficiency
  • Brings a safer work environment
  • Continuous, and accurate monitoring
  • Easy to install and to update services with our PLUG & PLAY system and up to date software
  • Easy customization


Key Features

  • Wireless range 750 feet line of sight
  • Standby time : 5 days
  • Operation time : 10 hours active non stop 100%
  • Display both numerical and textual messages
  • Works with any meter brand (EMR3, LCR, MIDCOM, BARTEC, etc)


  • Battery : Rechargeable Li-Ion 2200mA
  • External dimensions : 5.91″x3.94″x1.58″
  • Weight : 0.99 lbs
  • Extended working temp : -40°F to 185°F


The EAGLEVIEW WRC can support any register with a pulse output
Please consult the product documentation