The EAGLEVIEW is a powerful large LED display built for the demanding refueling industry. It shows from far distance critical informations for safe and accurate operations. Information could be whatever you need to display (volume, pressure, greetings, warnings, etc). Now offered in a thin low profile stainless steel enclosure

  • The EAGLEVIEW LLD offers 1 row to display the volume (qty), the total in $ of the delivery and the price per gallon (or liters).
  • The EAGLEVIEW LLD is visible from far distances and in harsh climates. Our satisfied clients from Alaska to Texas prove it. Temperature is not an issue for the EagleView Displays!
  • The EAGLEVIEW LLD is alphanumeric and offers you the ability to display greeting and marketing messages to your customers coming from everywhere in the world.

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Your Benefits

  • Easily displays information for employees and business processes in many areas
  • Easy to install and to update services with our PLUG & PLAY system and up to date software
  • Easy to reprogram on the field without uninstalling the display

Key Features

  • Visible from 120 feet
  • Six (6) High visibility digits of 3 inches tall
  • Works with any meter brand (EMR3, LCR, MIDCOM, BARTEC, etc)
  • Display both numerical and textual messages
  • So thin it could be mounted straight to the tank


  • Power Supply Input : 12-24 DC Volts, 1A
  • External dimensions : 15.47” x 6.6” x 1”
  • Weight : 4,5 lbs
  • Extended working temp : -40°F to 185°F


The EAGLEVIEW LLD can support any register with a pulse output
Please consult the product documentation